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1. Watch the Ted Talk – Susan Colantuono: The career advice you probably didn’t get
2. Analyze the logic of the video (s) by completing the template found in the ‘Think For Yourself’ 8.11 on pg. 183 of the Critical Thinking Textbook. (Instead of analyzing an article, you will
analyze this video). The file is also attached here: Logic of an article-video_Discussion Forum.pdf IT is Attached…..
3. Reference at least one article from the assigned readings that is important to your learning, and how it related to the video. You may supplement your answer by citing current events (e.g.,
news) related to the topic.
FYI: In an attempt to help students best understand the expectations for original posts, before you write your post please see this example of a previous students work: Discussion Board_Best
Practices_Ted Talk_Susan Colantuono_career advice.docx

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