Those are questions I have it from my class, I already did the excel sheet just I need to Justify my answer as thoroughly as possible. please I want more details in the word sheet.

Control Chart:

1. Data for cycle time in minutes is given in Cycle Time Assignment Data.xlsx. Use Data Set A. The data contains: 36 daily sample means (X-bar) of cycle time. With this data construct a control chart (note: there are a variety of possible control charts; for this assignment use an X-bar Chart) using 2 standard deviations as the control limits. Analyze the control chart and discuss whether or not the process is “under control”. Observe the data and discuss if it suggests the existence of any other problems.

2. Data Set B pertains to a period after a process improvement project was completed. Develop a control chart for this data similar to what you developed for Data Set A. Considering this data in comparison to Data Set A, was the project successful? Justify your answer as thoroughly as possible.

Note: The control charts should be constructed in Excel and the discussion should be submitted in a Word file. Please submit both files.

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