Literature: Voice and Vision.

write a  response for ONE of the following topics:

1. Apocalypse Now relies heavily upon the music to express its message. Listen to how the music sets a psychedelic, hallucinatory tone that accomplishes two things: it establishes the movie as historical fiction, and it mirrors the surreal, strange, dreamlike happenings on the screen. At other times the music is used ironically and runs counter, as they say, to the images: for example, the attack on the village with Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries is almost comically absurd. In short, how does this soundtrack influence your interpretation of the movie?

2. The film substitutes Vietnam for Africa in setting but leaves, with the exception of some characters, the novel’s basic structure intact. Do you agree that the movie retains the key elements and core meanings of the novel? Is the movie a literal, loose, or intermediate adaptation? What are the major changes and are they significant? Is the movie more political or mythical, prosaic or poetic, realistic or formalist, in your point of view?

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