Learning Log

Learning Log

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For the Lecture:
1. Your prior knowledge and learning in relation to the topic.
2. The summary of the main points from the session (briefly!)
3. Reflection on the lecture and identification of your learning from it.

For the Tutorial:
1. The main activities of the tutorial; a clear reflection of the tutorial and its aims.
2. Your contribution to the tutorial: an honest reflection or assessment of your own contribution to class or group activity, related to the topic.
3. How the topic under consideration will help you perform in a –future- business manager role: skill development.
In summary, you need to consider what you have learnt and how this learning has helped you as a student and potential manager. Good students should be able to careful think or reflect about what has been learnt and how this learning can be applied to organisations and their employees. You can review your material from PPD on reflective writing to help you with this task.

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