Leading Transformation and Change

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a cohesive case study that critically analyses a specific instance of organisational change/transformation management for an organisation that has accessible information in relation to changes it has experienced and conduct extensive secondary research before developing your case study. The organisation should be from the services sector (GSM operator such as Vodafone or others).

Using appropriate academic sources to support your work, give emphasis to why the change was attempted, how the change process was managed, how the reality reflected in your storyline compares to relevant academic literature and how successful you think implementation was handled.

The case study MUST be structured as follows using the headings. (Italicised words are not part of the heading but are given by way of further information).

• Title of case study (including the name of your chosen organisation)
• Key theme (a list of up to six keywords in order to “frame” the change implications of your case study).
• Introduction (to the theory of change)
• Organisational background and stated need for change
• Description of the change process
• Roles and perspectives (of the key stakeholders pre and post change)
• Evaluation/critical analysis of relevant academic literature (application of the theory to practice)
• Conclusions (summary of what has worked well/not well/do differently next time)
• Lessons Learnt: Personal and Organisational
• References
• Appendices (if relevant)

Please refer to the attached document,


Assignment Structure

  1. Title of Case study including the name of the chosen organisation
  2. Key theme (a list of up to 6 key words in order to frame the change implications of your case study)
    1. High quality standards
    2. Efficiency
  • Productivity
  1. Profitability
  2. Environment friendly

Chapter I – Introduction to the Theory of Change

  1. Brief introduction of the company (not more than 1 page)
  2. Current situation of the company
  3. The literature review of the company

Chapter II – Organisational background & stated need of change

  1. A detailed introduction to the company (or a branch of – such as the branch of a big bank) and working background
  2. Place of change happened
  3. Reason for the change (need to explain:
    • Customer complaints
    • Dissatisfaction of customers
    • Technology
    • Market competition (& relation with the other competitors)

Chapter III – Description of the change process

  1. Need to describe the differences in current processes in the company
  2. A clear description of Kotter’s 8 Step process for leading change

Chapter IV – Roles and Perspectives of the key stakeholders (pre & post change)

  1. Feelings, attitudes and behaviours of the key players (pre & post change)
  2. Change agents, key stakeholders
  3. Mendelow’s matrix to be used

Chapter V – Evaluation / Critical analysis of relevant academic literature (application of theory into practice)

Change involves 3 aspects:

  1. Process
    • Job scheduling, planning & controlling processes (service & repair process)
    • Customer Service design (individual attention on customers)
    • Implementation of a latest technology to the work place
  2. People
    • Standards
    • Attitudes
    • Hierarchy
    • Chain of Command
    • Responsibilities
    • Work Specifications
    • Leadership change ( auto critic to participate)
  3. Culture
    • Quality culture (mainly concerning on the quality rather than the profit)
    • Aspects (ex: innovative, self-orientation, risk taking, group orientation, cultural change, people orientation, stability)

Chapter VI – Conclusions (summary of what has worked well / not well / do differently next time)

Need to describe thorough three aspects of the change (process, people and culture)


  1. What sense can you make of what happened
  2. What were the outcomes of the change
  3. What was the relationship between theory and practice
  4. What is or was the implication of point c)

Chapter VII – Lessons learned

  • Personal



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