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FIRST OF ALL Write and analyse the:
1) Financial statement analysis (of Microsoft)
2) Horizontal analysis (of Microsoft)
3) Vertical analysis (of Microsoft)
4) Financial ratio analysis –Analyse through comparing it with the competitors (Oracle, Cisco Systems, and Sysco) and with the IT INDUSTRY which is all in the excel attached file –WHEN YOU ANALYSE IT USE NUMBERS to compare and say increased and why or decrease in a specific number and why ={risk factors of2014}. (TALK A LITTLE ABOUT MICROSOFT RATIOS BETWEEN 2013-2015)={Risk factors of Microsoft}

Discuss the findings and analyse the financial position and performance of the company making comparisons to the competition and industry averages.
• Your analysis should cover the last 5 years
• CALCULATION should NOT be shown in the body of the report
• Add an Executive Summary UPFRONT. This should focus on the objective (s) of the report and its main findings, conclusions AND recommendations
• Provide BASIC information about the company’s history, business, etc.
• Clear conclusion AND recommendations should be given at the end

1) DO NOT TAKE MANY SOURCES, MOSTLY WRITE ON YOU OWN WORDS> IF you take sources, Maximum is 2 to 4 reference resources.
4) DO NOT MAKE THE PLAGIARISM RATE and the SIMILARITY RATE to be over 10% or 13% because we use (TURN-IT-IN) program that we can find out and calculate it.
5) USE simple words when writing and make the paper sound as a STANDARD ( A ) STUDENT paper not as a PROFFESSIONAL please and THANK YOU
6) I do NOT want the writer of this order to write my paper order #81559378, because I got a (ZERO) in it because of the 75% of plagiarism, he was just copying and pasting! And please do not do the same!
RUBRIC of Financial Statement Analysis
Relevance of materials used
Application of appropriate techniques
Logical sequence and development
Evidence of background reading
Depth of analysis
Evaluation of issues
Use of supporting data evidence
Use of referencing system


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