Leading Knowledge Management for Organisational Learning

Leading Knowledge Management for Organisational Learning

This is a knowledge management analysis/audit of your own organization (past or present) – initial description of org.
Please cover ALL THREE areas of KM: creation/acquisition, retention and sharing

An analysis of the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of the organization, and
Recommendations for IMPROVEMENT in KM practices

Sample layout (subheadings)
Introduction (description of size/scope of organization)
K+ Creation/Acquisition
K+ Retention
K+ Sharing
Strengths and Weaknesses
Recommendations for improvement
Checklist for Assignment 2:

? Is there a clear description of the unit (Size and composition?)
? Is there a description of the scope of the operations of the unit?
? Is knowledge is defined? Is there a rationale for focusing on certain knowledge types?
An analysis of each of the following is included:
? Knowledge Acquisition
? Knowledge retention
? Knowledge Sharing
? Are the strengths and weaknesses (or opportunities) described?
? Are the recommendations for improvement explicit?
? Do the recommendations reflect the literature?

Are the arguments supported by:

? the literature?
? the scope and focus of the organisation?
? the strengths, weaknesses and direction of the organisation/unit?

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