1. Demonstrate knowledge of current legal and ethical principles and their impact upon healthcare practice

2. Critically evaluate and relate current ethical principles to healthcare practice and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of healthcare legislation that impacts on healthcare SKILLS

3. Critically DEBATE the role of the healthcare professional in relation to the decision- making processes from a legal and ethical perspective

4. Critically APPRAISE the application of major ethical decision frameworks in practice

5. Critically DEBATE the legal obligations and associated ethical dilemmas that healthcare professionals may encounter in the context of professional practice.

This is the case scenario:
JOHN has been a soldier for the last five years. He’s now returned to his rural village and started to help his father on their farm. He’s a strong and handsome man and soon starts to see a new girlfriend KATHRYN. JOHN comes to the Health Post and shows the Health Extension Practitioner, JOY, the results of his recent HIV test – which is positive. JOY also has information through her work that neither KATHRYN nor JOHN have asked for, or been given any, condoms. What should JOY do?

Almost anything that JOY does actively will risk breaking confidentiality. But doing nothing will potentially harm one of her patients, KATHRYN. If she doesn’t warn KATHRYN that Ali is HIV positive then KATHRYN might become infected and become seriously ill and even die. Several ethical principles are at stake here including trust, confidentiality and autonomy. Nobody can force KATHRYN or JOHN to act in a particular way because they each have their own autonomy.

The above case scenario should be addressed putting into consideration LAW and ETHICS as its affects an individual in the UK. Argue for and against( depending on the evidence as contained in the law). PLEASE I WANT ARGUMENT IN MY ESSAY. IT SHOULDN’T BE DESCRIPTIVE .

the following may be of help as you write:
Which of the following actions do you think that it would be ethical and appropriate for the Health Extension Practitioner to do? Explain your reasons.

a.Do nothing and hope that her patient KATHRYN doesn’t get infected.
b.Make sure that JOHN is aware of his responsibilities and also offer him condoms.
c.Go round to Kathryn’s house and tell her that JOHN is HIV positive and that she should use condoms.
d.Ask for help from an experienced health worker at the hospital or Health Center.

Although answer d. is appropriate in this case and JOY should always seek appropriate support and assistance in difficult matters, perhaps she can also use her ethical principles to help her decide what else to do. Answer a. is not appropriate ethically. This course of action risks harming her patient. If she does make sure that JOHN is made aware of his responsibilities (answer b.), and that he will always use condoms in the future, then she has followed ethical principles and protected her patients to the best of her abilities. Answer c. is probably only possible ethically if she also does b. To tell KATHRYN the test results of her partner is not ethically acceptable unless this is cleared by the person who has been tested


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