Laptop ad

PowerPoint allows you to alter images to create a composition that does not really exist. Compositions like this should be done with caution. You don’t want to misrepresent anything to a potential client. In this case we are not selling the beach, just the idea of working from the beach, so no harm done. However, this would not be appropriate to advertise a resort. If this were a “photo” for a news article then altering the scene would actually be unethical. The example shown here is an ad for a restaurant, but you will be creating an ad for a cell phone provider—showcasing their ability to use the cell phone as a wifi hotspot so that you can work from your laptop. You pick the provider and then include their logo and appropriate text in the ad.
Sketch a design on paper then find creative commons images and save them to your folder. Search
Content and Style
• Create an original advertisement. You may use some or all of the images given or create a completely different context—e.g. outer space.
• Create an original heading, text, and tagline (logo and product moto) for this assignment.
• Apply and follow all graphic and ad design principles.
• Make sure that your name and copyright is large enough to be read, but small enough to remain discreet on your document. (Your name replaces “Joe Bobcat”). Lower left corner of slide.
• Upload your image to Kuler to find a color for your text background.
• You may choose to include a picture of a laptop, cell phone, and/or person as you deem appropriate to the ad.
Electronic submission: Save your file as a PowerPoint presentation. Submit it electronically.

1.13 Ad Design: Picture, Headline, Text, and Logo
The C.R.A.P. graphic design principles are universal. However, most media have additional design
principles that should be followed. For example advertisements tend to follow a convention in their
composition. These additional principles are described here and serve as the basis for one of the

An effective ad should position the product in an appealing light to its target audience while also
demonstrating the product concept. While there are many ways to design an ad, we will adopt the
format advocated by John McWade.[4] The four ad design principles are:

Picture: Pictures are the focal point of an ad and should occupy a majority of the space. They are <
used to grab an audience’s attention.
Headline: The headline of an ad should be concise and illustrated in a clear font. This is one of <
the few times that centered text works.
Text: The body of text is used to sell the product. It delivers the message to the audience. <
Logo: Every ad should include a tag line — the company or product motto – and a logo. <
Because pictures are the focal point of the ad, they should take center stage.

Using a picture in an ad isan opportunity to showcase the product and, therefore, the picture should occupy roughly two-thirdsto three-quarters of the available space no matter what the shape of the ad.

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