Laboratory Three

Laboratory Three

Case Study


A real PACS implementation proposal drafted by a major medical imaging equipment manufacturer is presented in this case study. You are expected to comment on various aspects of the proposal as an application of understanding of the subject matter. Read through the proposal below and answer the questions following it. This case study is designed to address the Unit Learning Outcomes 1-3:

1.    Describe the roles and operation of health information systems and their underlying mechanisms

2.    Evaluate and solve potential problems of these systems in digital radiographic practice

3.    Evaluate different system architectures and formulate implementation issues

Laboratory Report Submission Requirements

1.    Download the ‘Lab Report 3 Template’ from the Imaging Informatics Blackboard website (inside the ‘Laboratory’ folder under ‘Unit Materials’) and put down your responses to all questions given in this lab menu into the ‘Lab Report 3 Template’ as your lab report. Use font size, 11-12 and colour, Black for your report content.

2.    Save your lab report in Microsoft Word Document format (.doc / .docx) with your nameand student ID as part of the file name.

3.    Submit your lab report 3 to the ‘Lab Report 3 Submission’ drop box of the Imaging Informatics Blackboard website (under ‘Assessments’) by 11:59pm 11th Oct 2015 (Sun). You should try to submit your report earlier to give yourself some time to look at the Originality Report generated by the Turnitin system. If the Originality Report indicates any inadequateparaphrasing, you should consider to re-write your lab report content and re-submit your work for avoiding plagiarism. According to the Unit Outline (p. 8 & 9), plagiarism is a seriousoffence. For further information, see
Advices for Good Laboratory Report Writing

If you aim at good result for the laboratory component, you should provide some elaboration /comprehensive response to each question. Answering all questions correctly will not lead to full marks if the responses are not comprehensive enough. There are several ways to make yourresponses more comprehensive generally. Examples include:

•    Linking the task / your response to real life situations

•    Providing more examples

•    Explaining mechanisms in details

•    Adding theoretical knowledge in answering the questions


You should review the contents of lectures 1, 3-8 (Clinical Information System Overview, Networking & Database Concepts, DICOM Part 2, IHE, HIS & RIS, Modality DICOM Issues & Gateway, PACS Part 1, PACS Part 2 & Application Server, Display Workstation, and Imaging Security & PACS Implementation) before writing the laboratory report as they would reinforce your understanding to elaborate your responses.


PACS Proposal

Supply, Install and Commission: –


Unlimited user licence for clinical review, web review & diagnostic reporting per 10,000 studies.

Unlimited Oracle standard licence per CPU RIS brokerless interface S/W.


Production Server Test Server


Dual Monitor Diagnostic Reporting Workstation including one 20” colour productivity monitor.

Professional Services

Site Inspection
Network Verification
Project Management
Workflow redesign
Applications Training
Total cost PACS    $128,579.00
Q.1.    What is the architecture of this PACS? Please justify your responses. What are its pros and
Q.2.    What is Oracle? What is / are its role(s) in this PACS?
Q.3.    What is RIS brokerless interface software? What is / are its role(s) in this PACS?


Q.4.    Can you suggest the scale of hospital that this PACS can serve? Please justify your responses. What benefits can it bring to this clinical environment? Is it worthwhile to have a PACS in this situation and why?

Q.5.    Does the proposal provide adequate information for you to make sound decision? If yes, please explain why? If not, what further information do you need to know and why?

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