lab 1Scientific Methodology Notes custom essay

Lab 1 Scientific Methodology Notes
Laboratory Notes
It is essential that you take good, complete notes while conducting your examination and experiment. Your notes should include an
original hypothesis for each experiment, a description of the evidence examined, a description of the procedures you performed
(including all actions performed), any sketches you prepared, and a discussion of the results of your examination. Please note that
your hypothesis should relate to the reader specifically what you think the results of your experiment will be and must be formulated
prior to completing your experiment. Your hypothesis needs to be specific to your experiment, cannot be a general statement and is
not a restatement of the procedures used to examine the evidence.
Notes must be submitted in their original form and must never be recopied. (Recopying means writing out your notes again, this
time without mistakes. Recopying notes is considered tampering with evidence.)
As you are performing the labs virtually, you will have two choices in how you take your notes. If you have access to a scanner, you
may take handwritten notes and then scan those notes to attach them in the Assignments Folder. You should not erase or obliterate
any notes. All changes must be made using a singleline
strikeout, with your initials on the mistake. Also, if you insert anything, you
must initial the insertions as well.



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