Kimton Hotels Puts Green Initiatives to Work – Discussion Forum

Kimton Hotels Puts Green Initiatives to Work- Discussion Forum

Watch the video entitled: Kimton Hotels Puts Green Initiatives to Work. This is a very rich scenario that you will be able to relate to. It addresses an interesting business model that factors in social reponsibility.Pretend you are thinking about coming to work for company or you are starting a business and this company will be your competition.

Click the link to  access the video: Kimton Hotels and Restaurants – Operations Management

Click the link to access a transcript of the video:  Kimton Hotels and Restaurants – Operations Management

After you have watched the video, answer the following four critical thinking questions and post your answers to the discussion forum for this chapter. Be sure to reply to at least one classmate.

Location is a key production factor for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants – for every business for that matter. They are located in a number of cities. What criteria or factors does the Kimpton’s managers use in determining where to locate their hotels and restaurants? Using this criteria, identify the next location.
According to the EarthCare program, what factors might a Kimpton restaurant chef or manager consider when selecting suppliers?
A daily staff meeting at Kimpton hotel can be considered part of production control – contributing to the smooth operation of the hotel. Who might attend the meeting? What kind topics might be discussed?
Quality is top priority at Kimpton Hotesl & Restaurants. What steps can a Kimpton Hotel manager take to balance quality and the initiatives of the EarthCare Program?

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Kimton Hotels Puts Green Initiatives

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