Apollo 13 Crisis – Homework

Apollo 13 Crisis – Homework

Imagine yourself working for NASA. As you view the following video, observe communication, teamwork, delegation and empowerment — including problem solving. Now watch the following video clips, observing the various employees reactions to the disaster as they work together for a solution:

Apollo 13: Houston, We’ve Got a Problem by NASA Lunar Science Institute

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Dropbox – What Would You Do? – Homework (Graded – 5 points) and In-class Activity

Now that you have watched the video, respond to the following critical thinking question(s). Write down your answer(s) using a word processing software MS Word or Notepad and submit them to your instructor using What Would You Do? Drop Box.

Prepare your paper in a “question followed by answer” format. Use the paper grading rubric to so as to ensure you have addressed all items in your paper. Besides submitting your paper to the dropbox, bring your completed typed assignment to class. Be prepared to share your paper.

Sharing your responses based upon your current thinking is what is expected – before you have read and researched the topics. Be sure to provide a thorough response to each question.

Identify where in the video each of the following is occuring: empowerment, teamwork and communcation.
From your observations, indicate whether each (empowerment, teamwork and communcation) is effective or not – and why.
What one think did you learn, want to remember and use from the video analysis about each of the following: 1. empowerment, 2. teamwork, and 3. communication?

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