Jacobs/Equiano Paper

Jacobs/Equiano Paper
Jacobs/Equiano Paper
Reader Response: This is an informal literary analysis in which you (as the reader) discuss one aspect that has interested you as you have read a piece of literature. You will need to use specific examples to support what you are saying. You can talk about something that surprised you, angered you, intrigued you etc.

The slave narratives that you have read are very different in style, tone, and diction. I would like you to choose either Olaudah Equiano’s or Harriet Jacobs’ story and write a one page reader response.

Here are some topics you can write about (or you may choose one of your own):

The audience the narrative was written for
The education of the writer
The verisimilitude (or perceived truth) of the writing
The notion of freedom
Paper should be in APA format

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