international purchasing and supply chain

international purchasing and supply chain
International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (IPSCM)
Management Report of a maximum of 3500 words
Task 1 – Critically evaluate their approach to international purchasing and supply-chain management, against models and concepts that have been explored in this module and from your wider reading. Critical evaluation requires you to take a structured and balanced view of what is good in your chosen organisation and also what does not work so well and could be improved.
(70% of the Grade)
Task 2 – Critically evaluate the future challenges that your organisation is likely to face in terms of international purchasing and supply chain management. What do you suggest that they need to do to address these future challenges and stay sustainable and competitive?
(30% of the Grade)
An Individual Management Report of a maximum of 3500 words in length.
Students must be able to demonstrate an understanding of a range of relevant theories and analytical models and apply them to you’re the specifics of your chosen organisation. This will provide a structure to aid your analysis of your organisations’ International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management approach. Significantly more depth is required than mere descriptions of information that you have found during your research.

You will be required to show evidence of research and analysis about your chosen organisation and the key elements of a successful approach to International Purchasing and Supply-Chain Management. You will be expected to make recommendations about improvements that the organisation could make to its approach, with a clear academic rationale to support your ideas.
International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (IPSCM) some TOPICS TO ADD
1,Planning a supply chain – a balancing exercise
2,What is supply chain management?
3, A complex definition – fromMichigan State Uni
4, Supply chain planning and control
5, Example – From cow to customer
6, A confectionery network map – Zheng et al., 1998)
7, What is purchasing?
8, Definition of procurement

1,Strategy and IPSCM
2, Elements of strategic
3, Analysis – PEST and SWOT
4, Analysis – BCG portfolio growth matrix
5, Analysis – Ansoff market–product portfolio matrix (1957)
6, Strategy and strategic procurement
7, Eight characteristics of ‘strategy’
8, Levels of organisational strategy
9, The cycle of strategic management
10, ANALYSIS TOOLSools of scientific anEnvironmental scanning
• Porter analysis
• Scenario analysis
• Organisational appraisal
• Critical success analysis
• Gap and SWOT analysis.
• Value Stream Mapping

1,IPSCM and Procurement/Purchasing
Commissioning, AND Contracting
2, The Purchasing Cycle (CIPS)
3, USE SAME THEORIES I.E Total Cost Iceberg

1,Legal Considerations re International Purchasing
2,Supplementary Slides – details of the various Incoterms @ 2012

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