IT – Research Paper on Trends in Networking Technologies

IT – Research Paper on Trends in Networking Technologies

Prepare a research paper in Microsoft Word, with at least 10 pages (excluding name and biblio pages), double-spaced, in APA format (see writing expectations in the Policies section), and with a minimum of 10 solid references. The quality and volume of the paper content is expected to be of a graduate level. The following is a recommended guideline:
Detailed description of the area researched
Technology involved in the area
Existing data on the area or technology researched (this could be linked to Case Study assignment)
Future trends in the area
Example companies involved in the area
Regulatory issues surrounding the area
Global implications for the area
Security issues
You may use resources from the APUS Online Library, any library, government library, or any peer-reviewed reference (Wikipedia and any other publicly-reviewed source is not accepted). The paper must by at least 10 pages double-spaced, 1″ margin all around, black 11 point fonts (e.g., Times New Roman or Arial) with correct citations of all utilized references/sources, (pictures, graphics, etc are extra – allowed but extra for the minimum page count). The title page and references are also required but don’t count in the minimum page count. A minimum of 10 solid references are needed.
The paper will be subjected to checking against plagiarism. The paper must follow acceptable originality criteria (no more than 15% max total, and 2% per individual source match are allowed).
Research topic is Trends in Network Technologies, an outline of the paper is attached.  Please utilize it but obviously some adjustments will need to be made as more references will need to be utilized than what outline has and the guidelines of the paper must be followed including all criteria of the above mentioned.  Do not use bullet points in this paper, needs to be written a a research paper.
Needs to be done by 10/25/15 by 5:00pm –

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