Issues in language learning

write a critical discussion paper based on the following article:

Menard-Warwick, J., 2008, ‘The Cultural and Intercultural Identities of Transnational English Teachers: Two Case Studies from the Americas’, TESOL Quarterly 42/4, 617-640

Questions to consider in your assignment:
What is this article about?
How does it relate to things you’ve been reading about, discussing on this and other modules and to your own experience?
What does the research contribute to debates and discussions about language learning and teaching?
Is there anything in the article that particularly interests or appeals to you? Why?
Is there anything you disagree with or are not convinced by? Why?

These questions are intended as a guide to the paper. You do not have to follow them in this order. You should not answer them in a question and answer format. However, you must address the topics indicated by the questions in responding to the article. You are required to write a coherent essay.

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