Islam and Democracy

Does democracy as it is known in the west is suitable for Islamic worlds?

in the answers you should show that

Some Muslims country were successfully able to applied democracy in their nations but on a different way from western countries ( the major point of the answer) Because Muslims view to democracy is different from western view. In the west they look to democracy as a liberty and justice, while Muslims look to it as justice only since Islamic religion put barriers to some liberties, therefore only the countries which applied it on Muslims way succeed.

Islam has no problem with the Democracy because Islam encourage the |shūrā| which is the consultation
(The Quran and Muhammad encourage Muslims to decide their affairs in consultation with those who will be affected by that decision.)
But some Muslims revues the Democracy because it came from west.

Show how Democracy fail because of the political
– Show the experience of Jammat el islam and how Jamaat made transition from opposing democracy to supporting it.

Please show how democracy field in middle east due to political things not the Islam it self.

Please add whatever you thinks it should be add (arguments and references)


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