Introduction to Computer Security

Your task is to act as a consultant and to undertake a review of all the following scenarios. You are to write a report entitled ‘Introduction to Computer Security’, detailing your findings.

Scenario 1
Plymouth Bank Plc is currently reviewing the security of its debit cards due to a significant increase in fraud being experienced. They wish to move away from the PIN and seek to use biometric-based technologies. Through reviewing their competition and the marketplace, they have narrowed the technologies down to fingerprint and vascular pattern recognition (VPR); however, they are unsure about how to proceed. As such they have employed a security consultant to advise and recommend the best option. As the security consultant, it is your job to provide a report detailing your analysis and recommendation (500 words).

Scenario 2
Charlie, a security analyst for NetMon MSS Solutions, a Managed Security Services provider, monitors alerts from customers’ devices and warns them about suspected attacks. As part of his job, he comes across information indicating that a customer employee, who happens to be an administrator, is receiving treatment for a drugs problem. Not sure about what to do, he raises the issue with his manager and discusses it with fellow analysts.
In a separate instance, another analyst, Wendy, feels frustrated when a customer repeatedly ignores warnings for existing vulnerabilities in their network. Hoping to show them the real impact of their ignorance/negligence, and possibly secure a job within their security team, Wendy decides to launch an attack against their network, and discovers corporate confidential information in the process. She does not disclose this information to anyone, but later admits that she initiated the attack.
NetMon MSS Solutions has now hired you as a senior analyst, and you have been asked to write a report detailing the ethical and professional conduct policy for security analysts. What should analysts, such as Charlie, do with confidential information? What are the limits of an analyst’s role, such as Wendy? What is the most likely outcome of Wendy’s actions and what are the chances of her being offered a job within the affected company’s security team? (500 words)

Scenario 3
Complete Cobblers Ltd is planning to use mobile devices to support their fleet of travelling shoe repairers. The staff in the field will use the devices for communicating back to base, directing them to jobs, and for general access to company systems such as email, the customer database, and billing. Most of the repairers already have smartphones of some sort, and so the CIO, William Scratchet, is considering whether it would be most effective to simply piggyback on these rather than the company providing them with new devices specifically for the business activities. Being a bit of a miser, Mr Scratchet sees this as a no-cost option, but could still be convinced that investment in company-owned devices is worthwhile. As such, he has sought your professional opinion on the matter, and has requested a breakdown of the pros and cons of each approach from a security perspective. Please present a case accordingly, along with your recommended course of action (500 words).
The overall length of the individual report (excluding references and appendices) should not exceed 2,000 words. Relevant supporting information may be included as appendices if required. Your report will be expected to have appropriate introduction and conclusion sections, and to be supported by references. References should be provided in a distinct section, at the end of the main report.

The report that you present should be supported (where relevant) by appropriate evidence. Any such information that you present must be appropriately cited and referenced in your report – if you are unfamiliar with referencing style, then a Google search using the term ‘Harvard referencing’ will help to enlighten you.

Although you will be expected to make significant use of printed and online literature in researching and producing your materials, it is not acceptable for you to simply cut and paste material from other sources (small quotes are acceptable, but they must be clearly indicated as being quotes and the source must be referenced appropriately).


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