Interpersonal Communication in Organizations

Before you begin, be sure that you have read the following chapter:
• Chapter 9: Interpersonal Communication in Organizations
Be sure to pay particular attention to the list on Insights for Individuals on page 265 of your textbook.

The purpose of this discussion is to provide you with an opportunity to complete an introspective analysis to improve your active listening skills.

Generally, most people prefer to talk than to listen. For this discussion, think about a situation that was created due to a lack of listening by either you or another party. It does not matter whom you believe is responsible for the outcome. What does matter is how you can now better assess what happened.

With this in mind, as well as having completed the assigned readings, respond to the following:
• How might you improve your active listening skills to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future?
• What do you believe is the most common reason why people in general (and you in particular) do not listen more effectively? If you prefer, write about your own listening skills.
• What pointers from the textbook do you think would help you increase your active listening skills? Write about one of the pointers from Chapter 9 that offers the best way for people (or you) to improve your ability to listen actively.

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