Art Appercation

Art Appercation

Journal 1 VISUAL ELEMENTS AND DESIGN Turnitin OriginalityCheck enabled

Under “Dropbox” in the eClassroom post your journal entry for the week using the topic provided below. Employ concepts learned from the questions above to address the following topic. Submissions should evidence comprehension of course materials and directly relate to student learning outcomes listed for each chapter within the module. Students should reference specific examples from the text. By successfully completing this assignment, you will have fulfilled course objective #1.
Topic: Translating the Elements AND Design Principles:

Make a list of the major visual elements and principles of design described in chapters 3 and 4. Define each one, interpreting the text’s definition in your own words, so you fully understand each one. Identify where you see examples of these visual elements in everyday life and how an artist uses each element by pasting an example of an art form that emphasizes that element or principle next to the definition.

will send chapters 3 and 4 PowerPoint lecture

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