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Write a term paper on the topic related to the course project topic – Internet of Things (IoT). The selected topic needs to be reviewed, analyzed and discussed using the reading from the lectures in the course, and at least six additional articles that are not on the reading list. You can choose to focus in your paper on issues like (but not limited only to the example below):
• What is IoT?
• Business, economic impact of IoT
• IoT in the healthcare industry
• Current and future developments in IoT
• Does the IoT represent the future of the Internet?
• Review of IoT in specific sector (eg. Health, Wearable devices, security, smart home…)
• Does IoT represent disruptive innovation?
• Socio-economic aspects of IoT
• IoT and Big-Data
• IoT as business opportunity
• The above in the context of the healthcare sector

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