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Design Theory Paper
For this portion of the introduction to interior design we focus on understanding “why” and “how” interior design can enhance and nurture our lives. To do this we will explore theories related to interior design and examine how they apply to our lived experience.
Write a 4 page paper employing theory to critique an interior environment you are personally familiar with. Up to one additional page of images of your space is encouraged. The interior you choose may be any space you have personally experienced such as a place on campus you appreciate or the place you call home.
Identify, define, and apply one theory and at least one supporting theory introduced in class and research further. Apply the principles of the theory or theories to the space you have chosen. Describe how and why the space is successful or unsuccessful using the principles you identified. Since this paper is limited to four pages of text, you must be succinct in your definition and evaluation of space.
Quite often using more than one related theory helps to understand a space. For example, Environmental preference theory and Arousal theory both guide us to understand why particular places are preferred over others. As a result, it is helpful to acknowledge connections between your primary and supporting theories.
Minimum Requirements:
• Identify one primary theory and at least one related theory*
• Describe the basic tenets of the theories using at least 3 peer reviewed sources.
• Document and critique an existing interior using your theories as a framework (you should use images to help
illustrate your space or aspects of the theory)
*Limit your theory to the following: Environmental Preference / Mystery & Complexity / Prospect & Refuge / Sense of Place / Meaning of Place / Artifact Attachment / Place Attachment / Sacred Places / Need for Nature (Biophilia) / Attention Restoration Theory
Format: 1” Margins, Calibri or New Times Roman Font (12), Double Spaced, Use APA format for citations / references (Other professional formats are also acceptable).
Value: 40 points Due: February 17th Rubric:

** In the document i attached the red theories are the primary theories and the black are the related ones

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