Instructions for Data Collection Project

Instructions for Data Collection Project
1. Choose 2 variables in your own life that you think may correlate. (Positive correlation: when 1 goes up, the other goes up, or when one goes down, the other goes down. Ex: hours of sleep go up, alertness goes up. Negative correlation: when one goes up, the other goes down. Ex: hours of sleep go up, tiredness goes down.)
2. Turn in your idea for your 2 variables so that I can give you feedback before you start. Project idea due by Thurs, Oct 14.
3. Begin collecting data for those 2 variables and collect for 14 days. Use the Excel spreadsheet. (Sample in your files.)
4. Plot the points on a simple graph which you create with the Excel spreadsheet. We will go over how to do this in class.
5. Using the template for the written portion of the project, write a 1-page summary of your project. Be sure to use all the headings that are in the template!
6. Come to class. We will be going over how to create the graph. If you miss class on this day, you will have to get someone in class to explain it to you.
7. Project is due Nov 12th .
8. I do not take late projects, so don’t wait too long to get started.
9. Upload your project into elearn. Look for the dropbox for correlational project. The rubric is in elearn to see where your grade comes from.

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