Industry Report/bar or restaurant or hotel in Toronto…

Industry Report/bar or restaurant or hotel in Toronto…

Paper details:
Someone needs to write this report who has an experience in Toronto because it is about bar or restaurant or hotel in Toronto… and Prof wants colorful cover page

Each team of two or three people is to submit a typed, double spaced report about two customer service situations that they have experienced in the public service industry, as a customer or guest of a hospitality operation. Report should be 4-6 pages (10% deduction if too brief). Feel free to include any background information about the company, its values etc. in order to adequately describe your experiences.

Include a cover page with all team members’ names and student #s, as well as program and section. Cover page should encourage potential reader to open the report; i.e. colour, graphics, format… (1 mark for factual info, 1 mark for actual cover)

Describe two situations, ONE POSITIVE, and ONE NEGATIVE, that someone on the team has experienced. For the positive situation, after you have described it (2 marks), using the Corporate Language that we are learning in class (2 marks), (Minimum 4 definition or phrases from our class notes) explain what the service provider did right (2 marks), and the results of the service (2 marks).

For the negative situation, describe it (2 marks), and then explain how you as a Manager would have had your staff members handle that situation differently (3 marks). Give your service recovery recommendation (3 marks). Remember, your service recovery recommendation (how to correct or respond to situation AFTER mistakes have been made) should be different from how you as a Manager would have handled the situation differently (how service should be done right from the beginning of encounter).  Use a minimum of four definitions or phrases from our Class notes. (2 marks)

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