Comparing and contrasting: The internet vs. Mabee Library database

Comparing and contrasting: The internet vs. Mabee Library database

Paper details:
1. Choose a topic of interest. Search the internet and find one full text article about this topic. Cite it out. or print it out. 2. Use online Mabee Library database such as Academic One File or Academic Search Complete to find one full text journal or magazine article on the same topic of interest. Cite it out or print it out. ( I prefer Academic Search Complete to find the article.) 3. summarize each article following the steps attached. Make sure the summaries are complete, brief and objective and in your own words. 4. Compare and contrast the quality of the articles you found. For example, you might look at length, depth of content, ease of reading, etc. 5. Write a short essay examining these categories. What did you learn about the differences between searching the Internet and searching a Mabee Library database? Do you agree or disagree with what LB has to say about the differences between search engines and university databases. 6. Make the most of this assignment to find topics and resources for your final essay by using this research time to find some of the three required written sources. Or use this opportunity to discover a good research question. Let me know if you do not know how to use Mabee library database. I attached two files, one is how to summarize an article. The second is an example of an essay summarized .

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