individual's right to privacy as a citizen Vs his or her obligations/rights in the workplace


The discussion is:

One of the themes arising in this week’s cases and lecture is the individual’s right to privacy as a citizen Vs his or her obligations/rights in the workplace. As one example we know many employers are now accessing employee Facebook accounts to make judgements about professional images and its influence in the workplace.
Think of your own workplace experiences. Where is the limit, do you think, of what employers have a right to know abut your personal life and activities (this may include computer monitoring at work, for example). Further, should an employer be able to enforce a policy, for example, as part of your contract, a commitment by the employee to reduce his or her weight, give up smoking (even if smoking is not taking place at work), follow an exercise program at the expense of the employer, DNA tests before being employed, declaring one’s Facebook account password. These are just a few examples. You may introduce one in your own answer to illustrate your view about the rights of employees Vs the rights of an employer.

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