Indigenous Australian Cultures

Write two case studies, 550 words each, that make the links between a contemporary Indigenous Australian circumstance, Australia’s history and the Universal declaration of Human Rights ( 1948 ) and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples ( 2007 ) that inform change in the future, using the following structure:
. Using the key readings in which I shall upload, identify and describe two contemporary Indigenous Australian circumstances such as one of those explored in previous ordered assessments ( i.e. health, education, criminal justice, native title ).
. Locate recent and relevant statistics that provide insights into the situation/s and provide a written description of the related issues.
. Briefly explain how this situation was created by colonisation and post-clonisation policies and practices.
. List at least two Rights for each case study, at least one of which is an Indigenous Right, which align with the contemporary circumstances being discussed.
. Describe how the Indigenous and/or Human Rights serve to improve the Indigenous circumstance under discussion.
. Include a reference list on a separate page.


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