business report- competency frameworks and self-assessment tools

business report- competency frameworks and self-assessment tools

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Self-assessment Communication Style Questionnaire 1
• To assess your communication style:
1. Complete the “What communication style are you?” survey
• Hartman, J.L. & McCambridge, J. Optimizing Millennials’ Communication Styles. Business Communication Quarterly. Mar 2011, Vol. 74 Issue 1, p.22-44. 23p.
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The assignment requires:
1-The number of words is 2500 word with 15 references
2- 1.5 line-spacing, size 12 font, black
3- provide graphs and any diagram are related with the topic or useful for the assignment.
Assignment Task:
You will draw on a range of competency frameworks and self-assessment tools to:
1. Critically analyse your current competencies as a manager of people through applying a minimum of three self-assessment tools, and /or other self-assessment tools you have sourced. As a starting point, refer to those provided in Quinn et al. 2015.
2. From the critical analysis and results of the self-assessment tools, identify and select three competencies for managing people that you need to develop further to achieve mastery in managing people.
3. Develop a personal action plan, with time frames, to demonstrate the range of activities you will undertake to increase your skills and knowledge in the three competencies you have identified. The action plan should demonstrate that it contributes to the attainment of your short term goal/s (12 months) and long term goal/s (3 years)
POINT 1: First of all, you need to select three (3) competency frameworks and self-assessment tools to help you develop a deeper understanding of the level of your competencies.
? In order to critically analyse these frameworks and tools you will also need to read at least 15 academic references that relate to each of the personal competencies you have decided to focus on.

POINT 2: After you have completed the 3 self-assessment tools, you then need to decide which of the competencies you need to develop further to make you an effective manager of people.
POINT 3: We then ask you to develop a personal action plan to guide you in developing these competencies.
? The action plan should reflect a 12 month time frame and be linked to your overall short-term (12 month) and long-term (3 years) professional goals.
? To make it achievable consider the time that will be required for you to implement your plan to achieve changes in your current competencies.

There are four models about managing people:
MODULE 1 Creating and Sustaining Commitment and Cohesion
Understanding Self and Others
Communicating Honestly and Effectively
Mentoring and Developing Others
Managing Groups and Leading Teams
Managing and Encouraging Constructive Conflict
MODULE 2 Establishing and Maintaining Stability and Continuity
Organizing Information Flows
Working and Managing Across Functions
Planning and Coordinating Projects
Measuring and Monitoring Performance and Quality
Encouraging and Enabling Compliance
MODULE 3 Improving Productivity and Increasing Profitability
Developing and Communicating a Vision
Setting Goals and Objectives
Motivating Self and Others
Designing and Organizing
Managing Execution and Driving for Results
MODULE 4 Promoting Change and Encouraging Adaptability
Using Power and Influence Ethically and Effectively
Championing and Selling New Ideas
Fueling and Fostering Innovation
Negotiating Agreement and Commitment
Implementing and Sustaining Change

The report’ contents
1.0 Introduction
Objectives of the report
Literature review
Survey on personal competencies
Background of self-reflection and personal experience
2.0 Theoretical framework and assessment results: here you need to write about the result(which competencies) you need to develop by explain them fundamentally.
3.0 you need to start writing about skills separately for example:
Competencies as a manager of people
Motivation self and others
Team building
Then you write with the same structure until when cover all competenices.
4.0 the second competence
5.0 the third competence
6.0 Personal development plan
7.0 Conclusion
8.0 List of References
9.0 Appendix

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