Improving communication in the workplace



Your task is to present a training session to your audience members designed to improve their communication in the workplace. For example, you could provide a training session on how to write effective business email. Your training session must build upon and extend the knowledge that the audience has and should logically argue why/how the the information applies to or benefits the audience’s work-related activities. Your presentation must contain information reflecting relevant industry standards and/or academic knowledge about the topic. To do this you will need to use primary source materials. The presentation should sequence information in a logical manner. This presentation must be recorded and electronically sent to the course coordinator. It is expected that the delivery will be extemporaneous (limited notes/note cards) and will use presentation software.

The presentation must be 8-10 minutes in length and should cite five references (Does not have to be peer-reviewed materials)
The presentation brief should be around 1000 words (excluding the outline)
The written self-reflection should be around 500 words
References should conform to either Harvard format.
If you were to do your presentation again what would you change?

Why would you change it?

What would you change it to?


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