Immune System

Immune System

Paper details:
The paper should be 5 – 7 pages, text will be formatted double space, font Calibri, size 12. The content of the paper will on the Immune system and its applications on health-related efforts. This assignment will be on immunological procedures you will be performing in the near future as medical staff. The introduction paragraph should cover ~1 page and should discuss how multiple medical procedure, assays and tests have been developed directly from the functions of the immune system. Choose 3 immunological tests or procedures to discuss and list them in your introduction. In the body of your paper, for each procedure you should cover ~1.5 pages. Explain in detail how the tests or procedures work, when they are used in the medical field and how they are based on and generated by the immune system, whether in vivo or in vitro, and their possible pitfalls (false positives or false negative results or complications). For the entire paper, only 3 figures or tables are allowed, and of these, only one can be as big as half the page. The other 2 images should be up to ~1/3 of the page (pick wisely). Unless you draw these images yourself, please reference. Including figures, the bibliography should have at least 12 entries.

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