Illegal migration in the united states.

1) Do you think that illegal immigrants in the United States should be given amnesty so government officials will know who is in the country? Should illegal immigrants be allowed to get a driver’s license or serve in the military?

2)Respond to the following: “Affirmative Action: Solution or Problem?”what are the benefits of affirmative actions in case of policy of affirmative action in University that takes account of the race of applicants.

3) Respond to the following: In 2008, presidential candidates spent more than $1 billion on their campaigns, and another $1.4 billion was spent by congressional candidates. This came after a reform limiting the amount of unregulated money a candidate can collect. In 2004, the campaigns of the presidential candidates cost a total of $4 billion, and another $4 billion was spent on congressional candidates and people running in state and local elections. Does having the most money matter? In what ways does it? What might the results be?

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