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ICU – Case study

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Task 3: Written assignment – Care Study � Susan Willows
Length: 2500 words (+ or – 10%)
With reference to the information you have been given, and the activities you have undertaken regarding the care of Susan Willows (your patient in Bed 3), answer the
following five (5) components, ensuring your discussion, written in “third person”, is underpinned by an awareness of the legal and ethical issues surrounding Susan
Willow’s care.
1. Provide detailed Primary (ABCDE/FG) and Secondary (Head to Toe) assessments of your patient, Susan Willows, ensuring you analyse her observations in relation to
those assessments. Identify the potential errors that may occur.
2. Discuss clinical signs and symptoms i.e.. analyse the data given on Susan Willows, specifically in relation to the pathophysiology of her condition.
3. Critically analyse the nursing management, including management of her technical support, issues surrounding pain management, sensory overload and sensory
deprivation, required to care for Susan Willows and her family.
4. Identify and critically analyse the management of Susan Willows and her family with regard to brain death and organ donation.
5. In your conclusion, which you may write in first person, include three (3) facts or points you have personally gained from this care study. This is to promote
reflection. The outcome may be a new way of doing something, the development of a new perspective or skill, the clarification of an issue, or the resolution of a
problem. Remember sections 1-4 are weighted evenly (i.e.. as important as each other) so ensure you don’t get caught up writing more on one than the other.
Please do not repeat the scenario. Discuss/analyse the information given to you and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the observations and information
given to you.
Presentation and structure
Your assignment is a piece of academic writing and must be structured as such, including an introduction and conclusion. It is acceptable to use headings throughout
your assignment to ensure that you have addressed each question. You must write in essay style: do not use dot point format.
You must use the APA referencing system. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples. An essay of this calibre should include a minimum
of 20 good quality peer reviewed sources which are current ie. last 5 years (unless used historically or of seminal value). You should also make reference to your
prescribed texts. Please do not overuse websites including Uptodate. Go to the original sources.

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