How risk management can contribute to effective governance within organization

To help you answer this question, there are two things I suggest you consider very carefully:
1) What aspects of risk management activity might be relevant? In my lectures I talked about risk-based internal control and enterprise risk management.

You could write about both aspects, or just one. Or you could choose something else like information risk managment or cyber security risk management. What matters is that you are clear about what aspects of risk management can contribute to governance, and you should think carefully about, and write clearly about, what their contributions can be.

2) What needs to happen within a system of governance? Here you might consider that managers need some freedom to manage, directors need to provide a framework of effective oversight and scrutiny/monitoring for managers, and shareholders need timely and accurate information to help them value their investments and take decisions about them.
Once you have thought about (1) and (2), you can begin to draw specific connections… for example…. systems of risk-based internal control are characterised by elaborate committee structures which permit boards to ensure principal risks are addressed by managers. These committee structures help improve governance because they bring directors into close contact with managers, to dicuss risk agendas, over the course of the year.

That is just one simple example of how a risk management activity can make a positive contribution to governance. How many more links will you be able to think of? Consider that the essay challenges you to make links like this. Try to be creative.

Also, please consider these more general points when designing your assessments:

please select the references from here:
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