How diversity influences people

1. Define and explore organisational culture and examine its relationship with structure and performance.
2. �Diversity influences people�s perception�. Discuss this statement in the context of how it affects employees� behaviour in organisations today? Discuss some of the challenges that managers have to face in multicultural teams and the implications this may have on team performance.
3. Compare and contrast two process theories of motivation and examine the impact they have on managing people in global companies. You should make reference to appropriate academic debates in the literature and provide examples to support your comparison.
4. Critically discuss the importance of diversity and cultural differences in developing effective selection processes within organisations operating internationally. Drawing upon research literature, compare the approaches adopted in two contrasting countries.
5. �Every team or department in an organisation has its own goals and interests. Conflict is therefore an inevitable part of the team�s evolvement and relationship with other teams.� Discuss this statement and consider implications for managing team performance.
6. Compare and contrast two leadership theories discussing the similarities and differences in relation to the leader/follower relationship. You should make reference to appropriate academic debates and literature and provide examples to support your comparison.

The assignment should not exceed 2500 words (excluding footnotes, references and appendices). Make sure that you use research and reference correctly according to Harvard protocol. Submission is via hard copy submitted to the postgraduate office. Do not go over the word limit as you will be penalised. A maximum/minimum of 10% word limit applies.

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