Homework in Construct Meth & Materials

Homework in Construct Meth & Materials

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1- In the tree, what are Springwood and 3. Minn an the differences between piece; oldmt .-r-».~. ,. …l‘.‘r trum thenme
summerwood cells? How do they differ? planmwn and quartersawn lumber? the txw. is t m ”WM-{h “f P’QCflsmgvfnd
2 Name three softwood species and three Wmt applu ations are appropriate for until it has been :1l 5*. r‘mt m a building

3‘ for an entire war.

hardwood specnes. What is one common ““h- . ‘ q
use for softwood lumber? What is one for 4. Discu’xs‘ the changes in moisture con- 9. A sample b-foot-long ,” x 4 weighs
hardwood lumber? tent and the effects of these changes on a 10 pounds. After drying tn an oven. tt

weighs 8 pounds. What was its moisture
content before drying? In its original con-
dition, was it adequately seasoned for use
as a structural framing member?
6. Give three examples of growth charac-
teristics and three examples of manufac-
turing characteristics.
7. Give an example of a structural grade
wood species group. Why are species
groups used in structural grading?
am. 8. Give the actual cross-sectional dimen-
sions of the following pieces of kiln-dried
6.; What method of slicmg IS used for
J tural plywood panels? What IS a com-
mythod for hardwood veneers des-
‘5′: “fine architectural woodwork?
the advantages of usmg
£9vsite lumber rather than

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