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Content: The paper must at minimum address all of the topics/questions on the next page. Any information that is specific to your condition should also be included.
Sources: The paper should be based on the Fundamentals of Orthopedics textbook and any other textbooks utilized or accessible in the program or library. The paper MUST contain a MINIMUM of 2 research articles from a scholarly journal no older than 2012.
Format/Style: The paper and references (both books and journals) must be in APA style (See Writing Lab for assistance)
Intellectual property: All content in the paper must be your own thoughts. All information taken from textbooks, scholarly journals or other sources must be cited within the paper and cited in the references. Any plagiarism will result in an automatic “0” on the project.

What population is this condition typically found in?
How does the condition typically occur? What is the mechanism of injury?
What anatomical structures are involved?
What medical interventions are required?
What precautions or contraindications must the PTA be aware of during the patient’s medical treatment and/or during recovery?
What is the typical time frame for patient full recovery OR how long following medical intervention until the patient is considered able to return to full functional abilities (or return to sport).
What types of PT interventions are typically used to treat the condition during the:
acute phase
functional phase
Are there any recommended interventions that do not fall under the PTA’s scope of work?
Create an example daily treatment plan for the patient 3 weeks following injury/medical intervention based on information found during your research.

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