Hercules Trophy Event and Tourism.

Research about the Hercules Trophy Event and answer these questions in detail (1 page for each answer question)

1. Overview- set up and establish key findings
2. 6 W’s. As you can establish
3. Cover all the areas of infrastructure involved you can identify to successfully explain the event and its development within this community.  Media, partnership, cultural affiliations etc.
4. Present the creative premise, mission of the event?
5. Comment on how this affects the event outcomes for the event you are studying. Was it incorporated in any choices of event production you can observe?
6. How was event organized to connect with the total community and what elements of infrastructure can you identify they are using as such to encompass these goals of mission?
7. Findings, which may prove to add or diminish tourism indicators etc.
Identify all long-term potentials areas that may impact tourism development and findings you can establish.
8. How were revenues obtained?
9. What role do Sponsor programs play in operation?  Evaluate branding
10. What other revenue- ticket information you can research.

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