Health Management Information Systems The Clinical Reminder System custom essay

Case 2. The Clinical Reminder System (CRS)

Case 2 Questions
What are the major components of a Clinical Decision Support
What is evidence-based
medicine and how computerized systems can be used to support evidencebased
medicine practice?
Clinical documentation such as patient notes continues to exist primarily in a freetext,
narrative format in computerized systems. Discuss the pros and cons of freetext
documentation. Discuss its pros and cons in the context of providing clinicians decision support
using computerized algorithms.
Why the Clinical Reminder System described in the case study evolved overtime into a lightweight electronic health records system?
Why clinicians’ adoption and acceptance of CRS became a big issue? Describe the major approaches used in the case study for investigating in the user adoption
and acceptance issues. What are the findings?
Based on what is learned from designing and implementing CRS, if you were leading a project team to design a Clinical DecisionSupport
System, what would you
do to ensure the system will be accepted by targeted end user


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