Hackney Neighborhood

Write a report about your neighbourhood, this can be your home, a chosen neighbourhood or where you live as a university student. The profile should focus upon the factors that influence health and wellbeing within that neighbourhood and the sort of things you need to be looking at are:
Neighbourhood chosen is Hackney, London full information about neighbourhood link –

Report Structure:

• Contents page – decimal notation system

• Summary

– outline of project
– key findings
– introduce neighbourhood

• Introduction
– background information
– key objectives
– sources
– local perceptions
– Capturing Neighbourhood Information
– methodology (how did you do it)
– present information logically & precisely

• Findings
– illustrate findings including diagrams and tables
– clear labelling
– combination of illustrations & written word

• Discussion
– What you have found (link with findings)

• Conclusion
– review the main points
– round up
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