Guidance Approach Teaching Practice

From the textbook reading, choose one of teaching practices that defines the guidance approach and sets the foundation for encouraging classrooms discussed. Make a list of teacher behaviors that are needed to implement this practice.
Create a concept map to record the behaviors you identified and the observations you made of your two mentor teachers. Label the concept with the guidance teaching practice you have selected. Include the teacher behaviors you identified. Leave space for the observations conducted as part of the Practicum and Application No. 2 assignment.

Parent/ Teacher Partnerships Parents are the child’s first teachers, therefore teachers and parents should collaborate to help the child succeed academically and in life. These are characteristics every teacher should have to work with parents!Preschool Classroom Observations Learns from experience. Preschool Classroom Observations Thoughtful Willingness to work with parents.Teachers should be thoughtful and reach out to all parents in the classroom. Teachers should encourage parents to help/participate in the classroom and/or with school events. Teachers should be accepting to all parents in the classroom no matter their differences of academic knowledge.Encourage the parents to interact with their children while they are in the preschool classroom. Mrs. Taylor doesn’t care about the highest education that the parent received she accept them for who they are and just want them to be a successful part of their child’s education journey.

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