OEE and Pareto analysis


The company manufactures a range of specialist radiator and heat exchangers. A Key
component of all products is the metallic core tubing. Every product range contains
these items. The company produces these tubes on a single machine. Due to the
criticality of this equipment it is important to increase its effectiveness.
The process itself entails two raw material types, depending on product (brass or tin).
Reels of raw material are loaded to the rear, and fed through the machine. The raw
material is then folded, welded and cut to the required length, so producing the
finished component.
Current situation
The company has designed a data collection chart and instructed operators to collect
data. Currently there is one week’s worth of data collected. No corrective action has
been taken.
All breaks are covered (the machine is planned to run continuously)
The shift starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm
A set-up is defined as a change of material or cutters (or both)
Speed is recorded digitally and reported as an average over the shift.
The tasks
1 Calculate the daily availability, performance, quality and OEE figures (state any
assumptions made).
2 Pareto analyse the losses and make brief recommendations for improvements

3 Bonus marks awarded for working out what the “Shift M/C speed” column really
indicates, if anything
• Cover page
• Content page
• Abstract
• M/C Data Sheet
• Assumptions on Technical Data sheet
• Availability
• Performance
• Quality
• 1-OEE
• 2-Pareto analysis
• Recommendations

1-   charts for the analysis.

2-   trends for the durations for the whole time of the analysis.
3- make it an engineering report rather than academic report. ( to submit it for a company.

4- bar charts for analysis

5- tables to show the evidence

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