Groin Pull/H262 Common Sports Injuries Assignment

Groin Pull/H262 Common Sports Injuries Assignment

1. Ankle sprain
2. Groin strain
3. Hamstring strain
4. Shin splints
5. Knee injury: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear
6. Rotator Cuff tendonitis or tear
7. Tennis elbow (Epicondylitis)
H262 Common Sports Injuries Assignment
This TYPED assignment prepares you for an in-class group activity and discussion with a certified Athletic Trainer.
You are assigned one of 7 common sports injuries ?
Use this table to type directly in the spaces provided. Answer each question. Use current and credible web/ journal sources. *
Print, staple and bring your hard copy to class.
I suggest even pasting anatomy images to help you present your information to the class
PLEASE arrive on time. We will use the full class time for this assignment.
1. Describe the general anatomy of this injured body part. ( You may use images or drawings) Make sure your spelling is correct.

2. What is/are the cause(s) or common Mode of Injury (MOI)?
3. List all possible signs and symptoms for this injury.
4. How is this injury treated initially?
5. Describe 2 rehabilitation exercises that an athletic trainer or physical therapist will recommend for this injury.

6. As a personal trainer of a client who has this injury, what factors must you consider when helping them back to full recovery?

7. List at least 3 prevention strategies for this type of injury.

*Cite your references in MLA format on a separate page.
A minimum of three references from RELIABLE sites are required. Avoid using .com – use .org, .edu, .gov sites. You may also use the NSCA textbook as a reference source.
Do NOT use Wikipedia or other unreliable sources. Send me a message via Canvas if you have questions.
Sports Injury Assignment List Injury
1. KEONI Ankle sprain
2. MITCH Groin pull
3. ANTONIO Shin splints
4. TIMOTHY Knee injury: ACL tear
5. ANGELO Rotator cuff tendonitis
6. JESSICA Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
7. REMI Ankle sprain
8. KEELEY Groin pull
9. JULIANNA Shin splints
10. SCOOTER Knee injury: ACL tear
11. JOEL Rotator cuff tendonitis
12. LUKE Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
13. NATHAN Ankle sprain
14. ANGELA Groin pull
15. MADELINE Shin splints
16. GINGER Knee injury: ACL tear
17. KELLY Rotator cuff tendonitis
18. JOSHUA N. Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
19. DAMIAN Ankle sprain
20. JOHN Groin pull
21. VIKTORIIA Shin splints
22. RACHEL Knee injury: ACL tear
23. JOSH S. Rotator cuff tendonitis

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