global climate change

global climate change
– all the questions have to have detailed answeres

– everything needs to have a source from where it came from cited – there has to be a way to check where all the information came from

– not allowed to use Wikipedia

– please provide a detailed support for any of your statements or answeres. In other words a simple yes no agree or disagree is not a complete answer and will not receive credit. A complete answer takes the form of yes, because and therefore or I think it’s clean because

1. Biodiversity

a. Place a hula hoop (real or imagines) around a vegetated area in your backyard (park, school) [This is a real assignment, not an imaginary one, do it! Spend at least 5 minuites examining your area ] How many species do you count ? Describe them ( 2 points)

b. Choose one of the species in the hula hoop. Describe it’s ideological niche ( 3 points)

c. If you were to add fertilizer to the area each week for a month, how would the species distribution (and abundance) change? Explain your reasoning (2 points)

d. Name on species that you found in your hula hoop (could be the same or different from one n (b). how can you alter abiotic or biotic conditions to promote the success of the one species at the expense of the others? ( 3 points)

2. Climate

a. What factors determine the mean (average) monthy temperatures at Great Blue Hill (located in Canon, MA, 6 miles soutwest of Boston) Which of this factors are regional factors? Which are global ? ( 4 points)

b. In this year’s temperature record at Great Blue Hill an indication of global warming ? Why or why not ? (3 points)

c. What else would you need to know in order to answer b better? (3 points

Ozone :Below is a graph of total Global ozone Change (red line) compared with a 15-year average (straight black line) taken before the recent decline.

Explain how the manufacture and realise of certain chemicals has influenced this graph. Specifically why did Total Global Ozone start decreasing from 1980? Why has it level off in the early 1990’s? ( 6

a. Describe the process that create a maximum of ozone at the south pole (antartica) around 15 km in the October avaragefrom 1967-1971 (before the recent depletion) what were the processes that descreased these values at 15 km in the 1986 and 2001 curves ? ( 4 points)


a. Why is there a bimodal distribution of elevations on the surface of the earth? (4 points)

b. Why is there so much of the earth surface at or near sea level? (3 points )

c. Why hasn’t m evenrest eroded down to sea level? Why hasn’t mariana trench filled up with sediment ? ( 3 points )

Costal geomorphology

a. Identify the coastal feature in the photo (a) . what processes form these feautures ? explain ( 3 points )

b. Identify the costal feautures in the photo on the right (b) what processes formed these feautures ? explain ( 3 points )

c. What might be the future of (a) and (b) in 1, 10, 100 years? (4 points )

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