A 2500 words essay in APA format on Re-Decision Psychodynamic Therapy

A 2500 words essay in APA format on Re-Decision Psychodynamic Therapy
Albert is a 45 years old Chinese Singaporean who comes into your counselling room asking for help with his relationship with his sick mother. Though he loves his mother and had looked after her since her stroke 3 years ago, now, partially recovered, over these years, Albert felt he had deliberately keep a distant with her, did not want to talk to her and many time, get angry of her easily.

Albert appears out-spoken, confident and kind, he even broke down several times, when he talks about his attitude towards his mother. He just does not know what had happened between him and his mother.

On the 3rd session, he reveals that when he was young, he felt embarrasses and humiliated when his mother commented about him in front of her friends. Growing up in a family with an absent father figure, Albert had always been a filial son and working hard to be a responsible teenage. On that incident, despite his mother’s friends were commenting on Albert’s filial piety and good behaviour, his mother, however, sweep all recommendations away and remarked instead, she would not dare to rely on him and she believes that when she grow old, she will be thrown into aging home. Albert felt ashamed and angry and felt that it’s not fair for his mother to make such judgement on him. He wasn’t given a chance to proof himself and was directly sentence to a mistake he did not even made (according to Albert, his father was not been responsible to his family and his mother did not wish to hope high during the empty chair session)”

Please present and describe how you as a Redecision therapist would help your client break through their impasse and make an empowered choice for growth, health and happiness. Please provide insights into your client’s early beliefs and early decisions. You could use an extract from your counselling session where your client is in symbolic dialogue with his/her mother/father.

Discuss your client’s impasses and how you would resolve them as a Redecision Therapist. Please indicate specifically in your essay your client’s CONTRACT & IMPASSES. The case study should be integrated to the body of the essay and not as an appendix. Discuss the use of the two-chair technique with a small ‘sample’ of transcript between client and therapist including early scene work. The transcript and diagrams could be presented as appendices.

1. Define TA in academic terms
2. Define RDT from Gouldings (must have at least 3 citations in abstract, intro & case study)
3. Must mention contraindications & caveat for RDT
4. Definition, description and purpose of Parent Interview (McNeel)
5. Incl Script Questionnaire? (List case study response and place in Appendix)
6. What are scripts and purpose of Script Matrix (draw out for case study & place in Appendix 1)
7. Define & describe Rackets and its functions (must cite English, show racket system chart in handouts from JL’s case study)
8. What are Impasses and describe the 3 types. Must define impasse according to Goulding.
9. The 3 phases of RDT (Contracting, Impasse Clarification, Redecision work):
a. Contracting : types of contracts – hard and soft.
1.1 Describe purpose of contracts and what each type is.
– Must cite Sills & Goulding
– Must state which quadrant contract falls under
b. Impasse Clarification:
– Discuss client impasse and supporting drivers / injunctions.
– Create client Impasse type with labels (draw out for case study and place in Appendix 2)
c. Redecision work:.
– Must state the various scenes which RDT can use.
– Client mentions (‘decides’) age of experience, scene and person(s) in it.
– State & underline specific scene used in Case Study – why?
– Must feature transcript of early scene work (see reference in manual Appendix 2)
10. Adult de-briefing: what it is and purpose of
11. Limitations of RDT: (also see below)
12. Must state & underline client Contract, Impasse degree, scene being used for Redecision work within main essay.
13. Must include Transcript of early scene work / parent interview in Appendix.
14. Must draw up Script Matrix and include in Appendix.
15. Must create client Impasse Type with labels and include in Appendix.

In Summary:


Define TA in academic terms, its origins, strengths and key features (contract setting, open communication, ego states, injunctions & drivers, origins and nature of decisions leading to early script decisions, Rackets)

Mention relationship between Berne, Perls and Gouldings.

Define Gestalt, and how TA & Gestalt have come together to become RDT.

Definition of RDT, key concepts (Contract, Impasse clarification, RDT), key processes (Parent Interview, 2 chair work, Redecision, Adult De-briefing, Re-parenting, treatment timeframe).

Contraindications & caveat.

Case Study

Client profile and presenting issues.

Contract setting – what this is, what client wants, why and how to recognise successful outcome (must underline Contract)

Impasse clarification – what is client’s Impasse, what is the root (must underline Impasse). Use Client Script Questionnaire, Script Racket System (must include Script Matrix and Impasse Type with labels in Appendix).

Redecision Therapy – what is client’s early scene (must underline Scene); who is present and what happened. (must include Transcript in Appendix)

Steps to redecision work:
1. Establish a clear session contract.
2. Re-experience a recent scene (note racket feeling and script beliefs)
3. Re-experience a childhood scene (listen for early decision)
4. Facilitate through child ego-state through the child ego-state, make a new decision.
5. Anchor Adult debriefing to practice and consolidate new decision.

Adult De-briefing – describe what happens with client.

Limitations of Redecision Therapy

Cathartic Ventilation,

Transferential Relationship,


Client’s readiness for change vs desire to please therapist

Last but not least:
Your thoughts, opinions and comments on the Case presented, TA and Redecision Therapy.

SAMPLE FILE attached

15 references are required. Please provide the link for the references.

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