Gifted Education: Affective Development

Gifted Education: Affective Development

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Part 2
This is Disconnected required
Presentation of findings:500 word of 3 column critical reflection +1000word of individual critical reflection
Completing a review of 2 readings that explore the theories and implications for teaching that relate to your student’s specific needs. Use the 3 column critical reflection format and post this on … Each person who is researching a particular student will read 2 (different) papers that help to inform knowledge about the issue, student needs and appropriate provisions. The review will be posted to the discussion forum for their student (approximately 500 words, NGP).
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Writing an individual critical reflection to submit on internet. (approx. 1000 words) Using all the information from the case notes, the discussions, and the literature review, critically reflect on what you have learned. Your critical reflection will address the following questions:
* What is this student’s affective issue of most concern and how is it defined or explained in the literature and evidenced in the case study?
* Why might this student experience difficulties at school and in general?
* How might you (as Mrs Lipman) address this student’s needs within the regular classroom?
In conclusion, you may wish to reflect on what this PBL assignment has taught you about yourself, your beliefs and your approach to teaching.

Explanation of the 3 column approach to reviewing the readings:
Eliciting important ideas and impressions from reading the literature involves more than simply summarising what was written (particularly at Postgraduate level). Much of our knowledge is acquired through reading, so it is important to get the most out of the readings as possible by focusing on a range of different questions.
By writing these ideas in this way,
– you are more likely to learn and remember the content of what you have read
– you will build a useful ‘library’ of reference notes that you may well come back to in other contexts
– your reactions to what you are reading are captured in the moment
– the process will provide useful insights when it comes to writing your assignments
You may need to read the article a few times – once for meaning and general impressions and secondly for deeper interpretation of ideas, meaning, perspective…
Reference details: (include full details, APA referencing style)
For a journal article for example: Author, Initial. (date). Title of article. Journal. Volume(Issue), page numbers.
Step 1: What do I notice?    Step 2: What do I think about this?    Step 3: So what does this mean for me or for relevant others?
Key ideas
Significant quote (include page number)
Author’s perspective
Contentious issues raised    Elaborations
Ideas generated
Comparisons to other literature    Personal significance – impact on your values, understandings and beliefs
Implications for your purpose – in this context how does this information inform your practices?
Implications for:
•    Teachers
•    Students
•    Parents
•    School
•    Society

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