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HEALTH POLICY ANALYSIS GENETIC DISCRIMINATION PLAN: PROBLEM STATEMENT( defines the problem being addressed in the analysis) Genetic discrimination have negatively impacted patient health care and financial well-being, public health, and scientific advancements. BACKGROUND:( informs the reader why a problem has been chosen for analysis.) ? What is Genetic Information ? What’s genetic discrimination ? Categories of discrimination employers use an individual’s genetic test results to limit or deny access to employment. health insurers use an individual’s genetic test results to limit or deny health insurance coverage. LANDSCAPE (stakeholders interested in the problem and the issues that must be considered when analyzing the problem) Stake holders (discuss each stakeholder (e.g. stakeholder # 1, stakeholder # 2 . . .) – Families: women, men, and children – insurance – employers – employees examples of the aspects of a problem that a policy analysis may consider include: Political factors Social factors Economic factors Legal factors Practical factors. factors – discuss each factor (e.g. economic, social . . .) – within each factor discuss relevant stakeholders policy position GINA does not protect: employers with fewer than 15 employees US military the Indian Health Service the Veterans Health Administration long term care insurance life insurance disability insurance GINA does not resolve the broader issue of the relative rights of employers vs. employees to control access to health information, including predictive health information. GINA does not address the issue of genetic privacy. Electronic health records and networks create comprehensive, longitudinal, interoperable health files for all individuals. OPTIONS to resolve the problem ANALYSIS All options must Be within the power of the client to do Be consistent with the client’s values Address the issue identified in the problem statement Identify criteria that will be used to evaluate the option Identify pros and cons using the criteria identified 1. 2. 3. RECOMMENDATION choose one best option from above what can be improved Choose one of the options as the recommended course of action for the client Discuss why this option is better than the others despite the cons associated with the option Identify any action that may be taken to ameliorate the cons associated with the option

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