Financing Public Health Care.

When identifying the characteristics of strong leadership, the research literature places a high value on the importance on the ‘soft skills’ of leaders (Riggio & Tan, 2013). The term ‘soft skills’ references leaders’ ability to interact with others. Soft skills can define strong leadership, but they should not overshadow other key skills, including management of finances. Although profit acquisition is not the end goal for the practice of public health endeavours, an awareness of financing and funding measures is indispensable for a strong leader in public health.

As a leader in public health, you will be challenged with finding ways to fund health systems. What other challenges, beyond just finding funds, will arise? For your second Individual Assignment, you will take a leadership position and research and suggest ways to solve these questions in a region of your choosing.

To complete this Individual Assignment:

Submit a paper in which you address the following:

◾Summarise the region of the world you selected. Include some brief public health information about the region, including the average length of life and the main diseases from which people die. Describe how the health care system/s are organised.
◾Evaluate methods for financing health systems in your selected region. Your evaluation should be based on factors such as the amount of financing, its reliability and how its use is governed and overseen.
◾Describe leadership challenges that you might face arising from funding issues.
◾You should fully state and justify any choices or assumptions that you make using the suggested readings for this unit as well as your own research.

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