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For Ninja Essay: (The two concepts that I selected are as follows: The accomplishment of natural growth and Funds of Knowledge) (The Accomplishment of Natural Growth is found in the Unequal Childhoods textbook especially in chapters 1, 4 and 7, and Funds of Knowledge is on the article: Funds of Knowledge for Research: Using a Qualitative Approach to Connect Homes and Classrooms)

For your last essay, pick the two concepts (each must be from a different author) we have discussed in class this semester that have had the most impact on you.

  1. Fully summarize each concept, paying particular attention to the aspects of the concept that stood out for you.
  2. Then explore the impact that learning about each concept has had on you.
  3. Has reading about these concepts made you realize something about yourself as a learner or an individual?
  4. Have your own life experiences made you interpret these concepts in a particular way?
  5. Has learning about each of these concepts expanded, affirmed, or countered your views on the issues they address in significant ways?
  6. Make sure to also consider the extent to which you can make connections or find relationships between these two concepts.
  7. Are there ways that one of the concepts you have chosen complements the other concept?
  8. Are there ways that one concept high lights concerns that the other does not? Are there ways that the concepts stand in opposition to each other?)
  9. Finally, in your future career as a school or mental health professional, you will be working with people from diverse social, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds. What has learning about these concepts made you realize you have to consider or take into account when undertaking your work with them? Be as specific as possible.


Please note that this essay requires in-depth reflection on each of the points mentioned in the prompt. One, two, or three sentences are not sufficient to address any of these points. Each of the concepts that you choose to write about should be well-developed; this means at least two thoughtfully reasoned paragraphs in which you summarize and explain how each concept has impacted you. Realizations and reflections at the end should also be well-developed – please make sure that you tailor your comments to the profession that you will be undertaking.


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