Competition Law Private Enforcement in EU

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QUESTION: ‘The crucial question is whether the new regime brings improvement for indirect purchasers…In other words, when the transposition period for [Directive 2014/104 on antitrust damages actions] has expired, will indirect purchasers have better opportunities to claim access to court, to overcome the burden of proving causation or to battle the complexities of showing harm than they do today?’

Magnus Strand, ‘Indirect purchasers, passing-on and the new directive on competition law damages’ (2014) 10(2) Euro CJ 361, 366.



— From this question, obvious interpenetration of the question is needed in thematic points of argument, so a clear running theme needs to be established.

– Please provide subheadings for ease of reading/studying

– Sources/some of the research is provided from westlaw, please follow it for general guidance/if its relevant to question.

– Needs to be extremely coherent and well put together.

– Citations please use OSCOLA referencing.

– Please use appropriate amount of referencing material, it does not have to be 15, but please not much lower and fully referenced only if it helps essay 100%.

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